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After the Bay of Pigs

ISBN: 978-0-9796794-3-8

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007933026

Authors: Pablo Pérez-Cisneros, John B. Donovan, and Jeff Koenreich

© Pablo Pérez-Cisneros

Publisher: Alexandria Library, Miami, 2007

Format: Soft Cover - Pages: 240 - Size: 6" x 9"

The untold story of the negotiations that led to the release of Brigade 2506 prisoners of war from Cuban prisons on December 24, 1962.
    Based on more than nine years of research from the memoirs of Berta Barreto de los Heros, a direct participant in this unique exchange of food and medicines for liberty. “Without Berta’s participation many of us may have died or remained in prison to serve the sentence imposed”—said Luis Morse, himself a former prisoner of war and member of the Florida House of Representatives.
    It is also a tribute to her hard work and to the unceasing activities of lead negotiator, James B. Donovan, attorney for the Cuban Families Committee for the Liberation of the Bay of Pigs Prisoners of War, Inc., and the American Red Cross, the main actors in this unprecedented humanitarian effort. Intriguing, and never-before-revealed conversations provide a glimpse into the state of mind of the Kennedy brothers, Castro, and their top lieutenants on both sides of this not-so-Cold War.

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Includes S & H to
USA, México, and Canadá)

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Table of Contents
Chapter I: The Bay of Pigs Invasion
Chapter II: Initial Negotiations
Chapter III: The Cuban Families Committee Is Formed
Chapter IV: Trials and Tribulations
Chapter V: The Revolutionary Trial
Chapter VI: A Mother Steps In
Chapter VII: The Great Negotiator
Chapter VIII: Donovan Takes on the Task
Chapter IX: Face To Face
Chapter X: Progress And Politics
Chapter XI: Terms And Tensions
Chapter XII: Politics and Passion on Both Fronts
Chapter XIII: The Details
Chapter XIV: The Final Negotiations
Chapter XV: The Last Hurdle
Chapter XVI: A President Explains
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Following the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, the Kennedy Administration had given a green light to the prisoner’s families to make any attempt possible to free their men, as the President felt personally responsible for their plight after his on-and-off support during the invasion.

Held in unsanitary and perilous conditions, the prisoner’s health and safety were foremost in the minds of their anguished spouses, mothers, fathers, and siblings.

Against Geneva Convention rules, the prisoners had been paraded on Cuban television and 99.9% of them had refused to blame the U.S. or cave into pressure to admit guilt. At the time, explosives were placed in the prisons, to be setoff in case of a much publicized “Yankee” invasion.

This never-before told story offers today’s reader the rare opportunity to experience the unique tug-of-war that developed between the U.S. and Cuba while the families of the prisoners held out hope for their eventual release.

In the middle of all of this, the world almost came to an end during the October Cuban Missile Crisis. Rather than despairing, the Families Committee continued to negotiate while the world’s superpowers faced off.

The book is a negotiator’s hand-book par excellence. James B. Donovan’s technique of persuasion, bluff, and prior homework sets the standard for any would-be negotiator today.

Read on to find out how perseverance and boldness pays off even in the face of incredible odds, and you will realize how the price of freedom is as dear and as cherished today as it was back on April 17, 1961 at the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba.

After the Bay of Pigs details for the first time the efforts of the Cuban Families Committee, her Coordinator, Berta Barreto de los Heros, and famed negotiator James B. Donovan, over a 20-month period to negotiate the release of the POWs of the 1961 exile invasion of Cuba.

It chronicles the roller-coaster negotiations and the delicate political relationships prevalent in the early years of Castro’s regime and towards the end of JFKs presidency.

It is the story not only of the heroic effort that resulted in the dramatic release of 1,113 prisoners on Christmas Eve 1962, following the first delivery of the agreed-upon $53 million in food, medicine, and surgical equipment, negotiated for their release, but also details how Donovan and Berta were able to negotiate the exit of another group of 7,677 Cuban citizens aboard the very same ships and planes chartered by the American Red Cross to deliver their cargo to Havana. They included the parents, wives, children, and sweethearts of the prisoners, as well as parents of unaccompanied minors that had previously arrived in the U.S. via Operation Peter Pan, and others requested by the U.S. State Department through the Swiss Embassy in Havana. This unprecedented humanitarian effort culminated with the last exiles arrival in Miami on July 4, 1963.

Readers will understand the tense political context that met Donovan (famous for negotiating the release in the early months of 1962 of Francis Gary Powers, whose U-2 spy plane was shot down by the USSR) after being recommended to the prisoner’s families by then-Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy to dive into the negotiations on behalf of the Cuban Families Committee.

The authors

Pablo Pérez-Cisneros, son of Berta Barreto, one of the main protagonists of this story and of Guy Pérez-Cisneros, a former U.N. Cuban diplomat. Pablo spent more than nine years interviewing, researching, and gathering the facts involving the negotiations. Pablo is a 20-year veteran of The Chase Manhattan Bank and worked nine years for the City of Miami,.He received the City of Miami’s “Citizen of the Year” award.
John B. Donovan, is a New York businessman and writer actively engaged in youth causes, including UNICEF and ALPHA USA. He is a former managing partner of Donovan-Fitzgerald, LLC, conducting a regular forum on world trade and investment attended by businesspeople and diplomats from 35 countries. On April of 1963 he accompanied his father James B Donovan and John E. Nolan to Cuba during the successful negotiation for the release of twenty-three American prisoners.
Jeff Koenreich, a 35-year career veteran with the American Red Cross joined his coauthors in a research effort that led from New York to Washington to Cuba. Jeff lives in Miami and is active in promoting humanitarian efforts between the U.S. and Cuba.



















"Pablo: Your book is quite impressive. The summaries are well laid out and tantalizing. The cast of characters and the historical circumstances surrounding the release of the prisoners in this unrecognized, undeclared war all combine to make this a most gripping international saga. Like the modern British and American histories, you have woven together exhausting research of official documents and media reports with an impressive collection of photos and personal anecdotes. When told about this story, it makes me want to drop everything and go and buy the book. Congratulations.

Xavier L. Suarez, Esq.
Former Mayor of the City of Miami (1985-93)

Congratulations. I hear praises everywhere: solid research, well written, a must read, etc.
Recuerdo a Berta por su coraje , perseverancia y espíritu de servicio al prójimo. Siempre en su bella cara una sonrisa. Este libro es testimonio histórico de lo mucho que los prisioneros de la 2506 le debemos a su ejecuoria. Enhorabuena.

Juan Suárez Rivas

             See in the Miami Herald: Secrets of Prisoner Deal



List of Prisoners

Abbut Hipo, Secundino
Abel Pacheco, Israel
Abell Sánchez, Israel N.
Abreu Aragón, Ernesto
Abreu Orta, Juan F.
Abreu Pazó, Sergio
Abril Reguera, Mario S.
Acevedo Alemán, Oscar L.
Acosta León, Norberto
Acosta Pita, Max E.
Agras González, Manuel
Aguado Morales, Alexis P.
Aguiar Márquez, Manuel L.
Agusti Marrero, Fernando
Agusti Marrero, Wilfredo
Alamo Plá, Miguel
Alayón Hernández, Armando
Albero Cruz, Medardo J.
Alberti García, Alfonso
Alberto Cepero, Osvaldo
Alberto González, Ángel B.
Alemán Hernández, Félix
Alemán Simó, Gustavo
Alfara Sabater, Carlos E.
Alfonso Morales, Jesús
Allen Dosal, Carlos
Almagro Ajuría, Manuel de
Almeida González, José
Alonso Antuña, Félix
Alonso de la Mar, José E.
Alonso Fernández, Julio M.
Alonso Pousa, José M
Alonso Zayas-Bazán, Manuel
Alonso-Pujol Bermúdez, Jorge
Álvarez Bernal, Mariano
Álvarez Castrillón, Ceferino
Álvarez Maya, Francisco E.
Álvarez Peydró, Luis
Álvarez Vázquez, Luis
Álvarez Viltres, Jorge
Amaro Milián, Modesto J.
Andiarena González, José S.
Andreu Santos, José
Ángel Pomar, José M.
Antonio DelioTocado Goenaga, Angel F.
Aragón Ulacia, Armando
Arango Kindelán, Raúl
Arcacha Estrada, Miguel A.
Argüelles Aguila, José M.
Argüelles Estévez, José M.
Arias Arias, Eric
Arias García, Jesús
Arias Portuondo, Froilán
Armas Endemaño, Pedro F. de
Armas Olivera, Pablo de
Armstrong Ballona, José
Arnau García, Pedro
Arrizurieta Sardinas, Luis
Arteaga Díaz, Ramón
Arteaga Morell, Juan J.
Artiles Alvarez, Raúl
Artime Buesa, Manuel
Astor García, Galo
Astudillo Ojeda, Pablo
Atienza Pérez, Orlando
Avila López, Pedro
Ávila Mariño, Sergio
Avilés, José
Azla Polo, Fermín
Babún Franco, Lincoln
Babún Franco, Santiago
Babún Franco, Teófilo O.
Bacallao Fonte, José
Bacallao Fonte, Valentín
Bacallao Perdomo, José H.
Badías Díaz, Carlos A.
Balido Cordero, Carlos M.
Bandrich Lara, Luis
Bango Suárez, Humbelino
Baños Ferrán, Hipólito
Barnet Gil, Enrique
Barreiro Valdés, Eduardo
Barrera Amador, Alfredo
Barrios Valdivia, José R.
Basol Pozo, Andrés A.
Basulto González, Armando
Battle Vargas, José M.
Becerra García, Sergio A.
Bellas Aneiros, Jorge
Bellas Aneriros, David
Bello Macías, Santiago
Beltrán Lamar, José R.
Benítez Ferrer, Rene H.
Benítez Rojas, Pedro A.
Benito Valdés, Julio
Bertot Matos, Porfirio
Beruvides Ballester, Jesús
Beruvides Ballester, Jesús E.
Beruvides Rivero, Cándido
Betancourt Moreno, Manuel A.
Blanco Carmona, Fernando
Blanco Herrera, Alberto
Blanco Herrera, Juan
Blanco Herrera, Rodolfo
Blanco Navarro, Nelson D.
Blázquez del Pozo, Gustavo
Blázquez del Pozo, Juan de Dios
Bolet Suárez, Alberto
Bolet Suárez, Armando J.
Bolivar Fuentes, Rafael
Borges Enriquez, Segundo
Borges Soto, Carlos
Borrego Carballo, Evelio R.
Borrego Carballo, Reinaldo
Borrego Suero, Arnoldo
Borroto Díaz, Ricardo
Bosch Peñalver, Bernardo
Bosh Rodríguez, Bernardo
Boy de las Cuevas, Luis
Brao Pérez, José J.
Brao Pérez, Luis
Bravo Rodríguez, Carlos
Bringuier Exposito, Juan
Bueno Rivera, Julio
Bujía Vázquez, Juan
Burruezo Arocha, Daniel
Buttari Crespo, Juan J.
Buttari Puig, Edgardo
Cabello González, Mario L.
Cabeza Fundora, Rafael
Cabezas Peñaroja, Rolando
Cabrera Azoy, Pedro L.
Cabrera Bejerano, Bienvenido H.
Cabrera Docal, Osvaldo
Cabrera González, Juan
Cabrera Ortiz, Miguel J.
Cabrera Otaño, Ineido
Cabrera Pérez, José
Cabrera Porras, Alcides
Cáceres Hernández, Rolando
Cairo Ceballos, Ángel
Calás Batista, Freddy
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Calas Boris, Manuel A.
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Calderín Ruiz, Gilberto
Calejo Urguelles, Eliecer
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Campos González, Alberto M.
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Cancio Rojas, Manuel
Cañizares Gamboa, Julio
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Carballeira Mora, Jesús
Carballo Díaz, Roberto
Carballosa Pérez, Arcadio
Carbó Yaniz, Ulises
Carbonell Badía, Nelson
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Cárdenas Montes de Oca, Silvestre L.
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Carmona Vento, Waldo
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Carrillo Cruz, Alberto
Casabona Ruiz, Ángel
Casabona Ruiz, Ángel
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Casañas Sánchez, Manuel E.
Cascante Cobo, Gilberto
Castaños Fernández, José de J.
Castellanos López, Luis
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Castellón Hernández, Pablo E.
Castellón Serpa, Sergio
Casteñer López, Modesto L.
Castillo Barreras, José L.
Castillo Ravelo, Reinaldo
Castro Cuello, Fulgencio
Castroverde Giol, Waldo de
Cejo Moreno, Modesto
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Cruz Vicaria, Manuel
Cruz, Máximo L.
Cuellar Sosa, Virgilio
Cuervo Galano, Orlando
Cuervo Galano, Pelayo
Cuesta García, Ovido
Curbelo Hernández, Antonio
Darías Soriano, Dagoberto
Dearin González, José
Delgado Bello, Román
Delgado Castellanos, Pedro
Delgado Cuzá, Enrique E.
Delgado Fernández, Mario
Delgado García, Jesús
Delgado Naranjo, Eugenio
Delgado Rodríguez, Jorge
Delgado Suárez, Pánfilo I.
Destrades Duany, Orestes
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Díaz Morejón, Sergio G.
Díaz Ortiz, Leocadio
Díaz Pérez, Lomberto
Díaz Reyes, Mario
Díaz Rojas, Hildebram
Díaz Suárez, Tulio
Díaz Vidal, Julio
Diehl Fernández, Luis I.
Dieppa Recio, Enrique E.
Diez Argüelles Goizueta, Julio
Diez Argüelles Montalvo, Ernesto
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Domínguez González, Andrés
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Fernández Ortega, Heriberto
Fernández Peydró, Antonio
Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio
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Fernández Urdanivia, Ángel
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Figueras Valdés, Wilfredo
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Fontova Regueira, León
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Llama Muñoz, Jesús.
Llorente Torres, Rodolfo Juan
Lluesma Pérez, Ernesto de los A.
Lombard Primo, Antonio L.
López Benítez, Miguel
López Cabrera, Roberto
López Cueto, Humberto
López de la Cruz, Juan M.
López Doniez, Manuel
López Escala, Armando
López Estrada, Rafael
López Fernández, Félix
López García, Raimundo
López González, Isidoro
López Herrera, José
López Jérez, José
López Lezcano, Carlos
López Núñez, Cristóbal
López Oña, Orlando
López Pérez, Miguel Enrique
López Pérez, Silvino
López Quintero, Rubén
López Sardaña, Humberto I.
López-Hidalgo Bosch, Milton V. A.
Lorenzo Morales, Heberto
Loriga Chávez, Martín
Luis Palomo, Germán
Luis Pelli, René Tirso R.
Luzán Castellanos,
Luzárraga Rupia, Mamerto
Macho Castillo, Tomás
Maciá Vinent, Roberto
Macía Vinet, Adrián
Macías Riera, José M.
Madrigal Medigutía, Rafael
Madruga Otero, Salvador
Maldonado Pimienta, Orlando
Manso Rojas, Andrés
Maqueira Pérez, José
Mar Maza, René de la
Marquet Alderete, Jorge
Marquet Martínez, Fernando
Marrero Calero, Francisco
Marrero Franklin, Raúl
Martín González, Rafael
Martín Suárez, José R.
Martín Suárez, Lucio
Martín Valdivia, Manuel S.
Martínez Camejo, Faustino
Martínez Castro, Luis E.
Martínez Cruz, Ortelio F.
Martínez Echenique, Alberto
Martínez Fernández, Martín
Martínez Garcés, Pedro C.
Martínez Garriga, Antonio S.
Martínez Granja, Segundo
Martínez Hernández, Idelfonso
Martínez Herrera, Epifanio
Martínez Llano, Humberto
Martínez López, Luis
Martínez Mansó, Néstor
Martínez Miller, Orlando S.
Martínez Olivero, César E.
Martínez Ordoqui, Waldo
Martínez Ortega, Ricardo
Martínez Paradeda, Pablo
Martínez Quevedo, Mario
Martínez Rabentot, Enrique T.
Martínez Reina, Fernando
Martínez Riesgo, Luis
Martínez Rivero, Pedro A.
Martínez Suárez, José
Martínez Uriosti, José R.
Martínez-Malo Ruiz, Mario
Masvidal Díaz, Ramón
Mateo Rodríguez, Pedro Jesús
Matienzo Ugartemendía, Roberto U.
Mederos Rojas, Alberto E.
Medina Castillo, Mario
Medina Estrada, Arael
Medina Pérez, Luis
Méndez del Risco, Juvenal
Méndez Fernández, Orlando L.
Méndez González, Plinio P.
Mendoza Delgado, Rolando
Mendoza Ortiz, Mario
Menéndez González, Francisco
Menéndez Pou, Manuel
Menéndez Rodil, Arturo
Menocal Villalón, Alberto
Mesa Robert, Marcos
Messer Pujol, Nilo
Mestre Cordobés, Julio A.
Miguel Rivero, Enrique T.
Milián de la Noval, José
Miló Martínez, Luis G.
Mir Pupo, Erbio J.
Mirabal Hernández, Orestes
Miranda Agramonte, José E. de
Miranda Hernández, Segundo
Miranda Olano, Salvador
Miranda Rodríguez, Raúl
Miró Torra, José A.
Miyares Mendoza, Bernardo
Miyares Mendoza, Sergio
Miyares Sotolongo, Marcelino
Moa Sánchez, Félix
Molet Rosales, José A.
Molina Betancourt, Alberto
Molina Buchillon, Manuel
Molina Godínez, Manuel
Molina Pérez, Hugo
Molina Quintana, Jesús de C.
Molina Saiz, Francisco G.
Molina Young, José R.
Montalvo Fernández, Ramiro A.
Montalvo Gutierrez, José R.
Montalvo Íñiguez, Juan
Montero de Armas, Orlando
Montero Díaz, Noelio
Montero Duque, Juvenal
Montero Pérez, Rigoberto
Montesino Acosta, Isidro J.
Montesinos Rodríguez, Rigoberto
Montiel Rivera, Francisco
Montoto González, Hilario
Montoya Bruno, Anol
Montoya Maden, Juan
Monzón Ruiz, Pedro de la Caridad
Monzón Santos, Julio
Mora Chávez, Juan Alberto
Mora Morales, Candido S.
Moralejo Infante, José A.
Morales Acevedo, Renato
Morales Amador, José
Morales Cordobés, Gonzalo
Morales Cruz, José
Morales Moreno, Jesús M.
Morales Pelegrín, Hiran A.
Moreira Izquierdo, Heriberto
Morejón Figueroa, Pablo A.
Morell Varona, José J.
Moreno Alvarez, Luis
Morín Rodríguez, Felipe
Morse de la Barrera, Luis
Morse Delgado, Luis E.
Muiñas Bonis, Alberto
Muir Celorio, William D.
Mujica Herrera, Ángel R.
Murgado Ledo, Ángel
Murillo Fleitas, Alfredo
Mursulí Collazo, Evangelista I.
Mustelier Mustelier, Luis E.
Mut Montero, Pablo
Muxó Iparraguirre, Mario F.
Muzio Díaz, Julio
Naón Rodríguez, Alberto
Navarrete Fernández, Natividad
Navarrete Rollo, Carlos F.
Navarro Casanova, José L.
Navarro Vega, Víctor
Noble Alzugaray, César
Nodarse Cardona, Ricardo
Nodarse Pérez, Lorenzo
Nodarse Saliva, Carlos A.
Norat Moreno, Rafael J.
Noriega Arjona, Jesús E.
Noriega Ruiz, Isidoro
Novatón Santiestéban, Juan I.
Novo Barquer, Roberto
Núñez Aquia, Reinaldo
Núñez Webster, Rodolfo
Ochoa Núñez, Carlos E.
Ochoa Peydro, Eduardo R.
Odriosola López, César
Olazábal Muñíz, Hugo
Olenik Olenik, Eugenio
Oliva Rodríguez, Sergio C.
Olivera Garriga, Eugenio
Olivera Izquierdo, Israel
Oms Barreto, Alberto
Onetti Auñón, Carlos
Oramas Fuentes, Rafael
Organvides Parada, Pablo
Orosco Crespo, Claudio
Ortega Álvarez, Raúl S.
Ortega Hernández, Rafael
Ortega Lorenzo, Héctor
Ortíz Rodríguez, Juan
Osa Fernández, Bernardo de la
Osle Guiber, Oscar
Otero Hernández, Rolando
Oti Muntaner, Gabriel de J.
Oviedo León, Enrique
Pacheco Rondón, Cándido
Padrón Pedroso, Adolfo
Padrón Rodríguez, Manuel J.
Padrón Ruiz, Miguel A.
Padrón Sánchez, Cecilio J.
Padrón Suárez, Carlos
Páez Llanes, Antonio
Páez Plata, Angel
Palencia Martínez, General
Pardo Valdés, Lorenzo
Paret Pérez, Carlos
Pastor Rodríguez, Armando
Patiño Trespalacios, Pedro P.
Paz Cañizares, José M.
Pazos Díaz, Rolando
Pelegrín Hernández, Práxedes
Pena Cid, Joaquín
Peña Flores, Florencio de
Peña Molina, Delio
Peña Moreno, Faustino
Peña Valdivia, Concepciano
Peñaranda Barceló, Waldo
Penedo Abadín, Eduardo
Pentón Alfonso, Giraldo S.
Peral Mesa, Mario O. del
Perdomo Estevez, José A.
Perdomo Rojo, Jesús O.
Pereira Acosta, Evidio
Pereira Pérez, Edilio
Perera Jiménez, Rafael
Pérez Abreu-Lenzano, César
Pérez Acosta, Arturo
Pérez Amador, Guillermo
Pérez Castro, Francisco
Pérez Cruz, Rigoberto
Pérez Feal, Edelmiro
Pérez Fernández, Harris
Pérez Franco, Juan
Pérez García, Manuel
Pérez Gómez, Ricardo
Pérez González, Orlando
Pérez González, Salvador
Pérez Heria, Pablo D. S.
Pérez La Rosa, Guillermo
Pérez La Rosa, Rosendo
Pérez León, Sixto
Pérez Lugones, Aurelio
Pérez Márquez, Manuel
Pérez Mellado, Rubén
Pérez Noa, Everardo
Pérez Padrón, Francisco
Pérez Padrón, Humberto
Pérez Pantoja
Pérez Peña, José R.
Pérez Pérez, Hildo
Pérez Robira, Rubén
Pérez Rodríguez, Celso
Pérez Rodríguez, Luis
Pérez Rodríguez, Mariano
Pérez Rodríguez, Rolando
Pérez Saavedra, Alberto
Pérez Saavedra, Enrique
Pérez Salvador, Manuel
Pérez San Roman, José A.
Pérez Simón, Santos de Jesús
Pérez Tamayo, Félix
Pérez Zaldivar, Edilio
Pérez Zamora, Humberto
Pérez-Carril, Seferino R.
Pérez-Crespo, Ángel P.
Pérez-Zamora, Pablo O.
Perkins Salas, Roberto
Pertierra Rymat, Roberto
Peruyero Rodríguez, Juan José
Pichardo Vázquez, Roberto
Pico Prada, Alberto Gumersindo
Piloto Valles, Orlando
Pineda Cabrera, Antonio
Pineda González, Bartolomé
Piñeiro Castañeiras, Isidoro
Piñeiro Galván, Ramón L.
Piñero Padilla, Miguel
Pino Betancourt, Herminio
Pino González, Jorge del
Pino Herrera, Luis
Piño Herrera, Ramón E.
Pino Marina, Nestor G.
Pino Segundo, Luis José
Piñón Estrada, Aramís R.
Piqué Fernández-Coca, Arturo
Pita Otaño, Eleuterio
Polack Diehl, Roberto
Ponce Martinez, Manuel León
Ponte Mandina, Gabino
Porraspita Ochoa, Pedro
Portelles, Enrique
Portuondo Castro, Manuel E.
Pou Mencía, Juan E.
Poveda Aguilar, Alberto
Poveda Pacheco, Argimiro
Pozo del Val, Carlos
Pozo Greer, Rolando
Praderes Pagés, José
Praderes Pagés, Orestes
Prado Vernet, Juan N.
Prat Barroso, José A.
Prendes Paz, Reinol
Presilla Elías, Jacinto de la
Puig Sánchez, Félix Raúl
Pumarada García, José
Quesada Rioseco, Rubén de
Quesada Turiño, Carlos M.
Quintana Balbón, Ramón L.
Quintana de la Torre, Juan
Ramírez Portas, Pablo
Ramírez Sosa, José
Ramírez Tomé, Policarpio del C. de J.
Ramis González, Martín
Ramos Abreu, Gerinaldo
Ramos Naranjo, Luis de los Santos
Ramos Parra, Leonardo
Ramos Temprana, Miguel
Ravelo López, Mario
Rayneri Villaverde, Rafael
Reguera Vila, José R.
Reina Rodríguez, Carlos M.
Reinaldo González, Salvador
Reinaldo Hernández, Carlos
Rey Delgado, Manuel
Rey Delgado, René
Rey Delgado, Walter
Rey Padrón, Garcilaso C.
Rey Parra, Alfredo
Rey Sori, Rómulo R. del
Reyes García, Miguel Angel
Reyes González, Rafael de los
Reyes Hernández, José G.
Ríos Risech, José G.
Ríos Valdés, Pedro
Rivero Collado, Carlos
Rivero Díaz, Felipe
Rivero Quesada, Gerardo M.
Rivero Rodríguez, Reinaldo
Riverón Pérez, Elio
Rizo Luejes, Armando A.
Roblejo Lorié, Jorge
Rodríguez Agulleiro, Benito
Rodríguez Álvarez, Orlando
Rodríguez Bande, Mariano
Rodríguez Castellanos, Enrique F.
Rodríguez Castro, Oscar
Rodríguez Chávez, Ibrahin
Rodríguez Díaz, René R.
Rodríguez Felipe, Ramón
Rodríguez Fernández, Alfredo
Rodríguez Fernández, Almanzor
Rodríguez Fleitas, Manuel
Rodríguez Fleites, Jorge
Rodríguez Frías, Pedro R.
Rodríguez Fuentes, Tomás
Rodríguez García, Anibal P.
Rodríguez García, Pablo
Rodríguez González, Jacome G.
Rodríguez González, Roberto
Rodríguez González, Rogelio
Rodríguez Ibarbia, Rosendo
Rodríguez Lamas, Eudosio
Rodríguez Lemus, Angel Hipólito
Rodríguez León, Ramón F.
Rodríguez Lodo, José A.
Rodríguez Lozano, Mariano Camilo
Rodríguez Marichal, Severino R.
Rodríguez Márquez, Rolando
Rodríguez Martínez, Luis O.
Rodríguez Mirabal, José A.
Rodríguez Montano, Julio
Rodríguez Muñoz, Mario J.
Rodríguez Nieves, Agustín Victor
Rodríguez Pérez, Ismael de J.
Rodríguez Pérez, Juan
Rodríguez Pérez, Pedro
Rodríguez Pérez, Reinaldo
Rodríguez Pozo, Máximo
Rodríguez Ramos, Jesús
Rodríguez Rodríguez, Oscar
Rodríguez Ruiz, Jacinto
Rodríguez Salcedo, Rafael
Rodríguez Tabernilla, Francisco J.
Rodríguez Torres, Alberto A.
Rodríguez Viña, Rodolfo
Rodríguez Yera, Antonio
Rojas Enríquez-Hernández, Osvaldo
Rojas González, Roberto
Rojas Ramírez, Pedro Pablo
Román Acebedo, Hugo
Román Muñoz, Roberto
Romero Batista, Pedro Ramón
Roque Antuña, Rigoberto
Roque Bode, Juan
Roque Hernández, Isidro
Rosado Vicente, Antolín Esteban
Roselló Barceló, Carlos
Ross Díaz, Albín
Rubio Baró, Rafael Juan
Rubio Quintana, Rafael
Rubio Sotolongo, Alejandro
Ruiz de las Labrandeiras, Antonio
Ruiz Pérez, Cecilio Ibrahím
Ruiz-Williams Alfert, Enrique
Saad Pérez, José
Saavedra Gómez, Enrique
Sáenz de la Torre, Raúl
Salas Amaro, Pedro
Salas Puig, Fernando
Salgado Canosa, Antonio
Salón Sacrista, Guillermo
Samara Lorenzo, Hugo
Samayoa Álvarez, Camilo
San Martín Reyes, Enrique
Sanabria Doy, Máximo
Sanabria Travieso, Orlando
Sánchez Abascal, Mario M. F.
Sánchez Cadena, Eduardo
Sánchez de Cárdenas, Julio
Sánchez Fortuny, Gustavo
Sánchez Gómez, Amador
Sánchez Hernández, Oscar
Sánchez León, Jorge A.
Sánchez León, Miguel A.
Sánchez López, Roberto
Sánchez Maciá, Fernando
Sánchez Manduley, Antonio
Sánchez Merciau, Raúl
Sánchez Montesino, Ramiro
Sánchez Oliva, Ramiro
Sánchez Rodríguez, Adalberto
Sánchez Rodríguez, Pedro F.
Sánchez Rubio, Jacinto
Sánchez Santana, Rafael
Sánchez Valdés, Herminio
Sánchez Valdés, Humberto J.
Sánchez Valdés, Ricardo L.
Santamarina Bermúdez, Juan A.
Santana Arriete, Rolando
Santana Grande, Daniel
Santana Puente, Pedro
Santiago Payret, Daniel
Santiesteban Castillo, Félix
Santos González, José M.
Santos Prieto, Renato
Santos Vega, Angel Juan
Santovenia Rodríguez, Daniel
Santovenia Vilela, Emeterio
Sanz Pérez del Villar, Guido
Sardiñas García-Menocal, Eugenio
Sarduy Casales, Israel A.
Sarmiento Hernández, Carlos A.
Sayas Bazán, Manuel A.
Serna Patterson, Salvador
Serra Alonso, Fernando
Serrano Bonilla, Héctor
Serrano González, Julio
Serrano Pérez, Lorenzo
Sibero Rego, Alberto
Sierra Blanco, Tomás Bernabé
Sierra Contreras, Serafín W.
Sierra Lage, Manuel
Sierra Rey, Cándido P.
Silva Cadenas, Felipe
Silva Pedroso, Jorge
Silva Pedroso, Mario
Silva Perdomo, Abelardo
Silva Perdomo, Bernardo
Silveira Riera, Jorge Luis
Silverio Ferrer, Joaquín
Simpson Parra, Reinaldo
Smith Castro, José
Smith Valdespares, Mario
Socorro Mejías, Raúl
Soles Pi, Rolando
Sollosso López-Centella, Juan B.
Sordo González, Juan F.
Sorondo Quintana, Rodolfo
Sosa Cabrera, José Eugenio
Sosa Cabrera, José Jesús María
Sosa Chabao, Juan de
Sosa Estévez, Juan A.
Sosa Fonseca, Miguel A.
Sosa Loret de Mola, José L.
Sosa Valdés, Paulino
Soto Díaz, Miguel
Soto Haime, Donato
Soto Hayet, Rubén
Soto Piña, Anibal
Sotolongo Ramos, Adel T.
Sotuyo Pedraza, Erasmo
Soulari Flaguer, Jorge
Suárez de la Osa, Teodoro
Suárez González, Francisco A.
Suárez Izquierdo, Gustavo
Suárez Lamas, Julio A.
Suárez León, Luis
Suárez Loináz Guzmán, Rafael
Suárez Santos, Ovidio
Suárez Viera, Anastasio
Suárez-Rivas González, Juan A.
Suárez-Rivas López, Jorge
Subirats Urbay, Pedro Joaquín
Sueirio Ríos, Hugo
Sueiro Fernández, Guillermo
Tabares Gómez, Gilberto
Taboada Reguera, Raúl
Tarafa Betancourt, Julio A.
Tarajano Martínez, Juan J.
Tejera Gutiérrez, José M.
Tejera Gutiérrez, LuisToca Cuenca,
Terrada García, Antonio
Tirso, René
Toledo Niebla, Doroteo Osvaldo
Toledo Niebla, Felipe G.
Toll González, Rolando
Tomasino Marrero, Carlos
Tomé Sosa, Rolando
Tomes García, Luis
Tomeu Hernández, José
Tomeu Hidalgo, Enrique J.
Toraño Sánchez, Arturo E.
Torre Pita, Raúl de la
Torrente Espiña, Reinaldo A.
Torres Fábregas, Mario Eduardo
Torres Fernández, Roberto
Torres Guerra, Marco Antonio
Torres Hernández, Pedro P.
Torres Jiménez, Rafael
Torres Mena, Fernando Octavio
Torres Mena, Juan Fidel
Travieso Peña, Juan
Triana Tarrau, Humberto
Trinchería Díaz, José I.
Tuero Zayas, Carlos M.
Tuñón Calderín, José A.
Ubides Díaz, Pablo
Ugalde Vega, Héctor L.
Ullibarri Márques, Flavio
Ulloa Calderón, Juan H.
Uria Rey, Miguel
Urra García, Félix D.
Urra Quiñónez, Orlando
Valdés Acosta, Mario
Valdés Calderón, Emilio de la C.
Valdés Calderón, José Francisco
Valdés Castilla, Marcos A.
Valdés Chao, Pedro A.
Valdés Delgado, Rosendo
Valdés Montiel-López, Ángel A.
Valdés Tabares, Luis
Valera Yanes, Saturnino A.
Valladares Acosta, José
Valladares Arocha, Ismael
Vallejo Pérez, Raúl Elías
Varela Canosa, Jaime
Varona Cubría, Francisco de
Varona Cubría, Jorge L. de
Varona de Varona, Osvaldo de
Varona González, José R.
Varona Leblanch, Rigoberto
Varona Loredo, Roberto E. de
Varona Segura-Bustamante, Carlos M. de
Varona Villar, Roberto de
Vázques Almagro, Armando
Vázques Barrero, Jesús A.
Vázques de la Cruz Martín,
Vázques García, José R.
Vázques García, José R.
Vázquez Cárdenas, Domiliano
Vázquez Casanova, Tomás
Vázquez García, José A.
Vega Casas, Jorge
Vega Elozua, Agustín
Vega Salas, Armando
Veitía Alomá, Enrique
Veloso de Armas, Octavio
Ventoso Caamaño, José M.
Venzal Alomá, Antonio
Vera Rodríguez, Francisco
Verdeguer Luque, José Rafael
Vergara Rodríguez, José J.
Vicens Valdés, Ramón R.
Vicens Vega, Francisco
Viciedo Fernández, José L.
Vidal Aznares, Adrián
Vidueira Quintero, Tomás de J.
Viera Milián, Carlos A.
Viera Morales, Carlos
Vigo Pacheco, Silvio
Vila Fontanilla, Max
Vila Masot, Oscar
Vilaboa Llerena, Napoleón
Villa García, Alfredo
Villamil Rodríguez, Heriberto
Villaverde Lamadrid, Rafael
Villaverde Valdés, Carlos Manuel
Villavicencio Cárdenas, Rafael A. de la C.
Viñals Pifarrer, Orlando J.
Vivanco Pardo, José L.
Vives Espindola, Juan M.
William, Néstor Fitzgerald
Yanes Ramos, Irán
Yanes Ramos, José B.
Yanes Valdés, Roberto
Yánez Ziegenhgir, Carlos
Yester Frometa, Raúl
Zambrana Ponce, Miguel Angel
Zamora Acosta, Eusebio Marcelo
Zamora Munné, Antonio R.
Zayas Cruz, Carlos R.
Zayas-Bazán Loret de Mola, Eduardo
Zequeira Fernández, Miguel A.
Ziegenhgir Menéndez, Salvador


Álvaro Sánchez Jr., President
Ernesto Freyre, Secretary
Enrique Llaca, Treasurer
Virginia Betancourt, Director
James B. Donovan, Legal Counsel and Spokesman
(He joined the Families Committe in June, 1962)
Berta Barreto de los Heros
(Cuba’s Coordinator of the Families Committee)

Other members
Manuel Gamba
Sara Sueiro
Olga Betancourt Osorio
Juana de la Torre
Cristina F. López
Rosario Domínguez
Angelberto de los Heros

Members of the Mothers Committee in Cuba
Berta Barreto de los Heros, Cuba’s General Coordinator
Berta Gutiérrez de Montalvo
Rosario Munné de Zamora
Herminia López-Centella de Sollosso
Margot Silveira, Beba Caso de Arguelles
María Luisa Montalvo
Carmela Franco de Pérez
Delia Reyes
Ofelia (Ofelita) Gómez González
Josefina Onetti
Carmen Reina de Martínez
Emma Pertierra de Argüelles
María Josefa Rodríguez
Palmira Saavedra
María Luisa Rovira
Rosa Agusti
Margot F. Casas
Sara Sullivan de Nodarse
Delia Lalondrí
Margarita Mendoza


Díaz de Silverio, Mercedes
Díaz de Toraño, María Elena
Díaz Rousselot, Mario
Falla, Carlos
Falla Sanguily, Carlos
Fernández, Ada
Fuente, Olga
García, Gloria
García, Flora
García, Margot
Herrera Morales, Jorge
Jáuregui, Isabel
Lavaniegos, Teresa
Marín Rubio, Ángela
Martínez, Margarita
Pedroso Zayas Bazán, Elena
Pérez González, Cecilio
Prieto de Toraño, Amparo
Regueira de Abril, Raquel
Rodríguez, Rina
Rodríguez de Rivero, Clotilde
Rosell de Rivero, Carmen Luis
Sánchez Jr., Álvaro
Sanguily Falla, Julia A.
Suárez Vda. de Liebra, Isabel
Toraño, Teresa
Truebas, Cira
Vico, Andrés
Vidal de Díaz, Sira

The American Sponsors

Desiderio Arnaz Showman, T.V. personality (I Love Lucy)
John G. Baragwanath, Corp. Executive Consulting Mining Eng.
Walter Beinecke Jr., President, Osceola Foundation Inc.
Joseph M. Birne Jr., Corporate Executive
Princess Lee Bouvier Radziwill, Sister of Jacqueline Kennedy
Charles E. Brundage, Investment Counselor
Richard Cardinal, Cushing Archbishop of Boston *
Gen. Lucius D. Clay, U.S. Army, ret. Chairman, Continental Can
Charles Clore, British Financier
N. W. De Berardinis, Publisher, Shreveport Times
A. Gifford Eager Jr., Executive
Roland T. Ely, Professor, Rutgers University
James A. Farley, Former Postmaster Gen. Chairman
of the Board, Coca-Cola Export Corp.
Luis A. Ferré, Industrialist, Poce, Puerto Rico
Louis Finkelstein, Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary *
Madam Margot, Fontain Prima-Ballerina
Benjamin Franklyn, III Philanthropist
Daniel L. Golden, Attorney
Ernest Gordon, Dean, Clergyman, Author
Rev. Phillip M. Hannah Rt., Auxiliary Bishop of Washington D.C.
Karl G. Harr, Jr., Attorney
Miss Ellamay Horan, Philanthropist
J. Z. Horter, Retired Executive
John Johnson, Educator
Robert W. Kean, Jr., Business Executive
Nicholás Kelley, Attorney
Joseph Kingbury Smith, Publisher of Journal American
Nathan R. Leavitt, Banker
Orin Lehman, Philanthropist
Herbert H. Lehman, U. S. Senator, retired
Donald V. Lowe Industrialist
Leonard Lyons. Newspaper columnist
David J. McDonald. Pres., United Steel Workers of America
Tom Montague Meyer, Newspaper Editor
Vernon Munroe, Jr.. Attorney
Alexander Perry Osborne, Philanthropist
Dr. Ben H. Parker. Professor and Mining Engineer
Hon. Henry S. Patterson. Mayor, Princeton, NJ
Right Rev. James A. Pike. Episcopal Bishop of California
Ambassador William D. Pawley. Former businessman in Cuba,
owner of trolley and bus system.
Gen. Eldwood R. Quesada. U.S. Army, retired
Victor Riesel. Newspaper columnist
Gen. C. R. Smith, U.S. Army, ret. President, American Airlines
General Delmar T. Spivey, ret. Culver Military Academy
Louis Sobol .Newspaper columnist
Ed Sullivan. T. V. Personality, The Ed Sullivan Show, newspaper columnist
Rev. Edward E. Swanstrom, Director, Catholic Relief Services
Gen. Leigh Wade,U. S. Army, retired
W. Gavin Whitset, Pres., Louisville & Nashville Railroad



The Royal Bank of Canada
  Guaranteed delivery of medicines, powdered milk, baby food,
  surgical equipment, and grains to Cuba.
Bank of America
  Jesse W. Tapp, Chairman
  Issued Confirmed Letter of Credit for one half the amount,
  or $26.5 million, guaranteeing delivery to Cuba of the
  above mentioned goods
Morgan Guarantee Trust Company of New York,
  Henry C. Alexander, Chairman
  Issued Confirmed Letter of Credit for one half the amount, or
  $26.5 million, guaranteeing delivery to Cuba of the
  above mentioned goods.

Shipping donated to the American Red Cross by the Committee of American Steamship Lines
S.S. African Pilot
S.S. Shirley Lykes
S.S. Santo Cerro
S.S. Priamos
S.S. Copan
S.S. American Surveyor
S.S. Morning Light
S.S. Maximus


Abbott Laboratories
Acme Cotton Products Co.
Acme Markets, Inc.
A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co.
Aero Plast Corp.
Airshields, Inc.
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Allied Supermarkets, Inc.
American Cyanamide Co. (Lederle Labs.)
American Cyanamide Co. (Lederle Labs.)
American Home Products
American Hospital Supply Co.
American Hospital Supply Co.
American Optical Co.
American Sterilizer Co.
American Wheel Chair
American White Cross Laboratories
Ames Co., Inc.
Anderson Clayton Co.
Armour Pharmaceutical Co.
Association of American Medical
Austenal Co.
Ayerst Laboratories
Ayerst Laboratories
Ayerst Laboratories
Baker Laboratories, Inc.
Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Baxter Laboratories, Inc.
Baxter Laboratories, Inc.
Beach-Nut Life Savers, Inc.
Beach-Nut Life Savers, Inc.
Beach-Nut Life Savers, Inc.
Becton, Dickenson & Co.
Becton, Dickenson & Co.
Bon Vivants Soups, Inc.
Bic Bamo Drug
Bird Corp.
Blue M. Electric Co.
Bristol-Myers Co. (Bristol Lab.)
Borroughs Wellcome & Co., Inc.
California Packing Corp.
Cameron Miller Surgical Medical Co.
Campbell Soup Co.
Carter Products, Inc.
Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc.
Chase Chemical Co.
Chembron Corp.
Chesebrough-Pond’s, Inc.
Church & Dwight
Clay Adams, Inc.
Ciba Pharma. Co.
Coleman Instruments, Inc.
Corn Products
Corning Glass Works
C.R. Bard, Inc.
Crown Surgical Manufacturing Corp.
Cuban Families Committee for the
Release of the Bay of Pigs
Prisoners of War, Inc.
Washington, D.C.
Cutter Laboratories
Dade Reagents, Inc.
Davis & Geck
Dentist Supply Co. of New York
Difco Laboratories
Dome Chemical Co., Inc.
Eastman Kodak, Co.
Easton Laboratories
E. I. Dupont De Memours & Co.
E. Ledts, Inc.
Eli Lilly & Co
Empire State Thermometer Co. Inc.
E. R. Squibb & Sons
Ethicon, Inc.
Food Fair Stores
Fuller Pharmaceutical Co.
G.C. Hanford Mfg. Co.
G.D. Searle & Co.
General Aniline & Film Corp.
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George P. Pilling & Son Co.
Gerber Products Co.
Geigy Chemical Corporation
Glenbrook Laboratories
Green Giant Co.
H. J. Heinz
Halperin Company
Hellings, Inc.
Hershey Chocolate Corp.
Hoffman-LaRoche Inc.
Hommer Higgs Sales, Corp.
Hunt Food & Industries Inc.
Hynson, Westcott & Dunning, Inc.
International Chemical Corporation
Irwin, Neisler & Co.
J. K. Emerson & Co.
Jewel T. Co., Inc.
Johnson and Johnson
Lawton Company
Lehn & Fink Products Corp.
Matchlett Laboratories, Inc.
McKesson Appliance Co.
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Miles Laboratories, Inc.
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.
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Mortomoth Chemical Laboratories
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National Biscuit Co.
North Star Dairy
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Orthopedic Equipment Co.
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Rohm and Haas Co.
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Seamless Rubber Co.
Schering Corp.
Sendes Pharmacies
Smith, Kline and French Lab.
S.S.S. Company
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Stuart & Co.
Taylor Instruments
Tecumseh Refrigeration Co.
The Birtcher Corporation
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The Kendall Co., Inc.
The Lufkin Rule Co.
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U. S. Department of Agriculture
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Zenith laboratories, Inc.
Zimmer Manufacturing Co.