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Cost Calculator for Editing and Printing Books

Number of Words or Pages   I know the number of words                             Help
I know the number of pages  

 Number of words or pages

Proofreading   None                                                                     Help
Typos & misspellings. 1 word
Typos, misspells & grammar.  2 / word
Substantive (complete) editing. 3 / word
Front and back cover design
  Yes ($150.00)                                                       Help
Obtain ISBN Number   Yes ($60.00)                                                         Help
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number   Yes ($30.00)                                                         Help
Web page for your book   Yes - $100 1st year. From then on $25.00 / yr.  Help
Book copies    Please enter a quantity between 50 and 2000       Help
Book Size   5-1/2 x 8-1/2                                                         Help
6 x 9
11-1/2 x 11
Color pages    Number color pages                                                    Help
Paper quality   White                                                                      Help
Off-White (Add 10% to print cost)
Hard Cover
  No                                                                            Help
Yes ($10 per copy)

Final Cost of Your Book (USD)

Pages:    0
Edition:   $0   (You pay for editing only once)
Printing:  $0   (
For future printings you pay only
                            the cost of the new print run)  
TOTAL: $0   




● Send the manuscript by Mail, E-mail or Upload it here and now. Please, send your name and how to communicate with you.
● We will send immediately to you an official estimate
● To order the job deposit 50%. Send a check or Pay Here with a Credit Card or PayPal account
● After received the deposit we edit your book and send a proof  for your revision within a week. See procedure
● The books will be printed within  3 weeks from your   final approval.
● You will receive the books after the second 50% payment.

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